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The Relationship Rehab Intensive [RRI] is our VERY POPULAR small group partnership accelerator program for BPA members ONLY that happens twice per year ...  and specifically helps you move toward having an attentive, responsive dog that loves to listen - easier and faster. 

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Brilliant Partner


Discover how to grow Trust, Understanding and Partnership...

For a better bond, better behavior and a brilliant life for you and your Sensitive, Anxious, Hyper or Reactive Dog…

 Limited Time Special Enrollment Tuition!

You're invited to join us for ongoing personalized help and coaching from Kathy so that you can have a calm, happy, dream life with your dog!

Congratulations on taking the first step to partnership with your dogs by raising your hand for my subscriber only special BPA enrollment!
If you're like me, and the other dog moms in our community, you're here because you want to improve your relationship with your dog and have a dog that is fun, attentive and a delight to live with. You know that it's going to take YOU learning how to be the partner your dog needs, and you're ready to dive in.

You want your bond with your dog to deepen, your understanding and trust between you to grow ... and, really, you want to fall in love with your dog again.

But let me ask you a question.

How would you like to get personalized help and coaching so that you can be the partner YOUR dog needs ... easier, faster and with more confidence?

One of the questions I'm asked most often is if I can personally coach a dog mom through a difficult relationship or behavior struggle, and as much as I'd love to help everyone, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

That's exactly why I've created the Brilliant Partners Academy - where you and I can work together and where you can get all the support you need to live a brilliant partnership life with your dog ... and so that you have the peace of mind of knowing that you're on the right track, and that what you are doing is going to work!

Let me tell you about the Brilliant Partners Academy coaching program, so you can decide if you'd like to take advantage of this special offer. 

"Become the Brilliant Partner your dog deserves … so that together, you and your dog can reach your True Potential."
Be the partner your dog needs.
An online membership program that teaches you how to have a calm, happy, dream life with your dog.
Having a sensitive, anxious, hyper or reactive dog is tough.

When your dog is trying to tell you something that you don’t understand, it’s frustrating - for both of you. 

Since dogs can’t talk it out, they ACT it out.

When your dog feels uncomfortable, vulnerable and unheard … their behavior escalates from a whisper to a scream.

• Your reactive dog completely loses it around other dogs or triggers.
• Your excitable dog pulls and barks when you try to go for a walk. 
• Your distracted dog won’t come if you don’t have a cookie.
• Your fearful dog panics, hides or barks and can’t be calmed.
• Your aloof dog just doesn’t seem to want to bond with you.

Imagine what it’ll be like when you and your dog can finally understand one another.

With the Dancing Hearts partnership lifestyle method, you and your dog CAN feel calm, happy and enjoy your life together.

A partnership lifestyle means you and your dog will be attentive and responsive partners that trust each other and blossom together.

And yes, this is proven to work in real life, even if your dog is reactive, distracted, hyper, anxious … and even if you’ve tried everything!

Is this you?

From the moment we bring our new dog home, we imagine walks in nature, fun social events, snuggling and laughing and sharing a happy life.

Then real life happens and we begin to struggle with our dog’s behavior. Cue stress, worry and overwhelm, right?

I want to set your mind at ease. As a passionate dog mom with 30+ years as a professional dog trainer and holistic behavior consultant, I’ve taught thousands of dog parents simple partnership lifestyle secrets…so they can feel calm, happy and have the freedom to do all they love together.

I can teach you too.

In the Brilliant Partners Academy, we focus on learning how to get calm behavior, a better bond and a brilliant life with our Sensitive, Anxious, Hyper or Reactive Dogs -- through Trust, Understanding and Partnership...

...Without Time Consuming or Difficult Training Setups.

It's time to say NO to:

√ Time Consuming Training Sessions and Setups
√ Hard to Learn Training Methods that Rely on Treats or Arousing Games or Corrections of any type
√ Trust Leaks and a Damaged Relationship with Your Dog
√ Missing out - Waiting for ’some day’ to enjoy life with your Dog
√ Feeling frustrated, embarrassed, worried, stressed, overwhelmed
√Trained obedience...

...and say YES to love, trust and cooperation.

All successful relationships follow the 5 C’s that grow on The Tree of Trust:

Communicate - Delightful Dialog
Clarity - Clear is Kind
Competence - Manage Your Mind
Connection - Be in Balance
Collaborate - Partners in Possibility

🐾"True understanding and real dialog get the relationship you dream about … and your dog will LOVE you for it!"
~Kathy Kawalec
Build Your Foundation
Easy to implement communication, connection and partnership lifestyle skills build trust and bring calm.
Grow Your Relationship
Having a loving, respectful relationship and an attentive, responsive dog is simple with the partnership roadmap.
Become Brilliant Partners
A deep bond and heart connection result in having the freedom to enjoy the life of your dreams with your dog.
The Brilliant Partners Academy
is Expertly Designed to Guide You to Level UP through the Partnership Stages ... 
from Starting Partners all the way to Master Partners.

The Foundation Formula Online Training Course

The Foundation Formula Is Your Core Program...with 6 Modules Full of Amazing Content
I'll guide you step-by-step through the Lessons in the Foundation Formula, as we uncover the Tree of Trust and the 5C's that will build your solid foundation and lead to brilliant partnership with your dogs...and get you the best start possible for herding, agility, obedience...anything and everything! 

Each module has comprehensive video lessons that you can watch as many times as you need...and each module has it's own set of downloadable pdf's for your homework and fun exercises including Partnership Practice and Success Maximizers. 

By itself, the Foundation Formula is rich with detailed education...
and there is also the supporting role of the 3 Additional Membership Benefits.

These 3 Membership Benefits are designed to give strength to an already incredible foundation program! 
Your 3 Partnership Mastery Benefits:


There is NO other group that offers this level of positive partnership support. You are not alone!! 

Connect, share and engage with your fellow dog enthusiasts as much as you like within our private Facebook group. This is a fully supportive group that offers only love and empathy. I’m active here too, so if you need a little help, or a little nudge, just ask! 

This community is one of the best parts of this program. So much support, sharing, celebrating...real friends are made and genuine, heartfelt support is freely offered. You are not alone!! 

#2. Monthly Level Up Themes!

Our Monthly Focus Topics dive deeply into our Pillars of Partnership so that you and your dog can reach your true potential, and become ever more brilliant together...month after month and year after year.

We'll be covering topics like:
• Develop Your Brilliant Partners Intuitive Communication Skills
•Building Resilience in you and your dog
• Personality Types for Brilliant Partners - Enhance understanding and harmony by understanding you and your dog's natural personality types.
• How to protect and build your dog's confidence … and yours too!
• Raising and training your new puppy - the Brilliant Partners way.
• Leash walking in partnership with your dog.
• Unleash your freedom - how to transition to off-leash adventures!

That's just the start - every month, we focus on important topics that will accelerate your partnership success!

Don't worry, everything is recorded and put in your members HUB...

#3 Coaching Calls ... All Live, with Kathy and a Certified Coach!

This is NOT your ordinary online training class ... It's a Real Coaching Program!

That means that you are invited to LIVE Coaching calls with Kathy EVERY MONTH so she can personally answer your questions ... 
and help you solve any roadblocks that have come up for you and your dog. 

PLUS - 2-4 additional LIVE coaching calls with one of our awesome certified partnership coaches EVERY MONTH! Our coaches have been intensively and personally trained by Kathy, and they are experts in helping our BeePees grow a brilliant partnership with their dogs!

Don't worry, if you can't make any of the coaching calls, they'll be recorded and put in your members HUB...
AND you can submit your questions in advance if needed!
PLUS: Your Inner Circle Partnership Mastery Bonus...
The Inner Circle is designed especially for those passionate and truly committed to reaching their true potential and making their dreams come true! That's YOU, right?

Bonus: Brilliant Partners MasterClass Library

This is really special! You have access to our best masterclass workshops and training classes to propel you faster and easier toward brilliant partnership and the life of your dreams.

These lessons and discussions go deep ... and pull in not only my own 35 years of holistic behavior and coaching experience, but tap into our guest presenters expertise. Very powerful stuff!

Quarterly Clarity Clinics

Every quarter, we'll gather for a LIVE Online virtual training clinic. You won't believe the results you will achieve from this level of coaching, planning, staying on track toward your dreams!

Partnership skills, mindset and confidence expansion ... and planning your Level Up adventure, will ensure that you and your dog are on the fast track to success. 

Winners Circle here you come!!  And, to be sure: winners circle is defined as YOUR DREAM ... whether it's living life to its fullest, dog sports training or competing ... or reading to kids at the library. If you can dream it, it is possible ... and we will support you every step of the way.

Join us for the ONLY Holistic, Positive, Heart-Centered Partnership Coaching Program You'll Find Anywhere:

SAVE $200 with your annual membership
For as long as you want to stay, you're locked in at this special rate. (Reg $597/yr) 

Or Save $10/month with a MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP (Reg $59/mo)
TODAY ONLY: $49/mo
  • Includes:
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  • After the 7 days: Stay as long as you like! Cancel your Monthly membership subscription any month. Cancel Annual membership subscription before your annual renewal.

Your choice of two great options to join our BPA family:

BEST DEAL! Save $200!

Annual Membership Subscription. ACCESS TO FULL BPA PROGRAM, LIVE COACHING WITH KATHY - PLUS THE AMAZING COMMUNITY AND FULL LIBRARY OF MASTERCLASSES AND REPLAYS - For only $397/yr (reg $597)   $397 will be added to your order today if you choose this option. Then $397 annually, cancel anytime before renewal date.


ACCESS TO FULL BPA PROGRAM, LIVE COACHING WITH KATHY - PLUS THE AMAZING COMMUNITY AND FULL LIBRARY OF MASTERCLASSES AND REPLAYS - For only $49/month!  $49 will be added to your order today if you choose this option. Then $49 monthly, cancel anytime.

 GUARANTEE: Try BPA out for 7 Days, and if you don't love it, just send an email to Kathy and cancel for a full refund, no questions asked.

Behind the Scenes with Brilliant Partners...

Stella talks about her reactive poodle...

Ros was anxious about her two Viszla girls reactivity

Ana struggled with her border collie's reactivity

Marika trades transactional training for partnership

Steph has a difficult struggle with her Akbash mix...

Rhiannon turns life around for her rescued feral dog

Charlene helped her traumatized dog feel loved

Alicia creates harmony with her rescues

“It’s the best decision I’ve made in years!”

“Bela was not enjoying her walks and neither were we…I was so frustrated and sad. This partnership lifestyle is so much easier! It is the best decision I have made in years.”

~Ulla K and Bela
Lisbon, Portugal

“Life is good!”

“My rescue dog Charlie was totally overwhelmed at everything in his new environment. I was exhausted, humiliated and frustrated. After BPA, I’m so happy and amazed at how wonderful life is with my dogs!”

~Sue Mimm, with Charlie and Leila
Tyrol, Austria

“Our walk today was perfect!”

“There was a time when walks were difficult, unhappy and uncomfortable … but today, our walk was perfect. 
I am here, standing on the building blocks of the Brilliant Partners Academy …
… all the insights and wisdom of classes, live coaching, sharing with and learning from fellow BeePees.

~Marianne with Clover and Bowie
Huntington, NY

“What do I say about a program that changed despair to joy?”

“My dream dog had become a nightmare, my life was in turmoil and my family was miserable. With our partnership foundation, life is liberating, joyful and totally works! Who knew?”

~Dee and Phalen

“I'm so proud of my 3 fur kids, and forever grateful for Kathy and her program.”

“I thought: I’ve tried everything, training classes, behavior sessions, reactive dog classes, I have nothing to lose. 10 months later, we all enjoying our Brilliant Partners lifestyle and I’m so proud of my 3 fur kids!”

~Bettina, with Murphy, Mary and Bear

“Kicked out of obedience class … to brilliant partners!”

"After being kicked out of obedience class, I found Kathy Kawalec. Instead of focusing on obedience and training, we breathed a sigh of relief and began focusing on appreciating each other and observing and listening to each other.  Life since is a daily delight with my girl!”

~Jane and Skye

Kathy interviews Sue Mimm

Kathy interviews Sally

Kathy interviews Ulla Kjeldgaard

Kathy interviews Bettina Nowicki

Kathy interviews Anya Gore

Kathy interviews Kim Howatt

Kathy interviews Ros

Kathy interviews Marianne Magin

Kathy interviews Mary Smirnova

Kathy interviews Cecile Ruelle

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to sign a contract, or commit to a certain amount of time?
No, you may cancel your monthly membership subscription at any time, and your annual membership before your renewal date. Simply email Kathy at least 24 hours before your renewal date ... that's it!! Easy peasy.
Is there a guarantee?
Absolutely!  Try BPA out for up to 7 Days, and if you don't love it, just send an email to to cancel your membership for a full refund, no questions asked.
After 7 days: Stay as long as you want! It's like a family, and many members never leave! Cancel Monthly membership subscription any month. Cancel Annual membership subscription before renewal date.
What if I enjoy training my dog ... will I have to stop my positive reinforcement training?
Absolutely not! In fact, you'll find that your level of success will dramatically increase when you add in this partnership based foundation! Remember ... our partnership lifestyle is our foundation that banks trust, creates a deeper bond and takes communication to the next level with your dog ... and any training you do for dog sports or for fun will only be better!
I'm really busy...I'm not sure I have time for this.
One of my philosophies in life is to make choices on how to spend my valuable resources like time and money, and choose where my dreams can be nurtured, and I can live the life I envision. I hope you do the same.

Yes, You will need to devote time to watch the video lessons, and catch coaching calls live or on replay...

Remember: a partnership lifestyle is just that - no need for special training sessions, setups and all that. I want to spend my precious time enjoying my life ... not struggling with unnecessary training ... and I want that for your too.  And you have 24/7 access to the entire program for as long as you're a member, so you set the schedule that works for you! 
What if I can't attend the coaching calls Live, because of my schedule?
Replays!! Many of our BeePees catch the replays - it's so convenient ... and you get to choose what time is best for you.
What if I am not on Facebook? Will I be able to use the program?
Yes. All of our courses, replays, masterclasses, workbooks etc are organized for easy access inside of our members HUB...a special website just for my members to enjoy! That said, there are easy ways for you to join our community discussions which are AWESOME without getting sucked into endless social scrolling. There are apps to help you with that, so that you only go directly into the BPA page.  It's worth it, really!! But it's also ok if you don't. xo